Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mega Valentine Script bundle

You get 23 Valentine/Love related scripts for 20$ That is less than 1$ a script. This is a must have bargin. The scripts vary tested in psp 9-X5 so there is something there for everyone. See the list below and please remember to download all 23 scripts and the bonus template.

-Ribbon Heart Pop

-Chocolate Heart Pop

-Flaming Heart Pop

-Multi Heart Pop

-Heart Sucker Script

-Heart Chain Script

-Heart Balloon Script

-Furry Slipper

-Choco Wafer

-Heart Bon Bon

-Choccie Covered Heart

-Heart Cherries

-Choccie Strawberry

- Heart Lights

-Choccie Heart Cake

-Bon Bon Cupcake

-Sweet Love Word Art

-Cupcake Love

-Conversation Heart

-Cupid Bear

-Chocolate Bar

-Choccie Cherry

-Bon Bon

Plus you get the Gothic Choccie Heart Template as a bonus